Previous Feedback about SEE Club

Below are some of the feedbacks received last year (2012/2013) about SEE Club. We get a good feedback from the members of SEE. However, at the same time, we will keep on improving in every aspects that we could to deliver the best to all the students.

     1. Kwong Ming You [3rd Year Electronic Engineering Student 2013/2014]

I just took part in DIY PCB Workshop, Solar Talk and Microcontroller Workshop. Here is my feedback about these programs.

First, let’s talk about DIY PCB Workshop. It’s quite interesting since we can learn how to DIY our own PCB without using those equipment or facilities in PCB lab. In others way, we can make a simple PCB in hostel or at home, although the PCB is not as nice as that we made at PCB lab. Besides, we also learnt how to use a design software – Eagle Cadsoft instead of Orcad and Pspice to design a circuit.

Next, about the Solar Talk, it’s quite interesting, and the speaker is quite funny. However there is only one problem – lack of time. Maybe we can organize Solar Talk again to invite him to continue his talk.

Micro-controller Workshop is the most interesting event I have joined. Microcontroller field is a field that I never touch before I joined this workshop. It is interesting that we just need some components then we can make a simple prototyping board. Since we are using AVR Atmega microcontroller, we use C programming to write the code, which is simpler than assembly language. I would like to say thanks to the tutor of the workshop,Mr. Yong Bang Ming, for introducing Arduino microcontroller to us. Arduino is a Atmega based microcontroller board and it is very useful and user friendly in doing mini projects.

I would like to say thanks to SEE Club for organizing such meaningful events and I hope that SEE Club can continue this kind of events and let us discover more about electronics world.

      2. Lee Joon Hong [3rd Year Electronic Engineering Student 2013/2014]

For those activities that organized by SEE,i would like to give some comments about it.

Every activities that were held for our EE student,i felt that they are very useful for us, even though they are not in our syllabus, however, it is all related to what we are learning.

We had learnt extra practical knowledge and gain more experiences about our subject.

So i think SEE should continue this kind of workshop and more beneficial activities.

3. Lim Chee Keat [3rd Year Electronic Engineering Student 2013/2014]

I’m satisfied with the performance of SEE club in the pass year. SEE had organized many activities that are beneficial to the EE students and I had participant some of these activities. Most of these activities exposed some extra knowledge and for sure they are  related to electronic engineering course such as  the solar talk. I had learnt many extra knowledge about solar energy through this talk. Besides,  in the microcontroller workshop, I had learnt how to program the microcontroller chip and others electronics troubleshooting skills.

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